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Amazing All-in-One Back Office Support – Let us help You Complete Your Company

The heart of BIC — “Because I Care” — is our passion to help companies become bank-able, audit-able, sale-able, or simply more profitable through a one-stop solution to all back-office needs.

From Accounting, Financial Analysis, HR, IT, Legal Admin, to Board Advisory support, all on a fractional basis, we make it possible for companies to afford a complete professional team, without a fully-loaded payroll cost.



We’ll Take Care of Your Office Behind the Scenes

We seamlessly work with retail, restaurant, manufacturing, alternative energy, solar, construction, consumer goods, organic products, distribution, technology, social media, e-commerce, gaming, bio-tech, private label, events planning, voice-casting, interior design, entertainment, professional services, non-profit, international companies and more.

Put the Pieces in Place to Scale Your Business Up

Many business owners realize that the most difficult part of running a company is managing the back end office. Often what you do best, has nothing to do with the clerical, book keeping and accounting, Financial Analysis, HR or IT. Not to mention the expense of keeping all those employees in your office as you grow. Enjoy the freedom of a team that works on-site or off-site. Contact BIC today.

Say hello to BIC. The Most Powerful Back Office.

Innovation for your office

There’s no better way to scale up your company than to get the help you need with your backend office. The top businesses of the world use outside backend office support and so should you. Give your company a chance to grow! Enjoy a smooth running business with BIC. Contact us today!

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Technology Company Solution

OUTCOME: Company sold to publicly traded company for 3x revenue.

Service Company Solution

OUTCOME: Company obtained bank line for $2MM.

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